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Nice Tedesco

Director, Feed Center

Nic has worked extensively to ensure food access, address hunger, and bring equity to our food system. He has operated mobile farmers markets in underserved areas of CT, organized food drives, managed a food pantry, and donates fresh produce from the large victory garden he grows each year. Nic hopes to invigorate the shift away from large scale commercial agriculture for a more sustainable future. After all, our food does not come from just a grocery store.

Nic currently serves as a Planning and Zoning Commissioner in his hometown of Southington, CT, focusing on increasing affordable housing availability, environmental protection, and fostering small business growth. He believes politics are unpalatable but public policy is indispensable when creating positive change. When work and community obligations are satisfied, Nic enjoys gardening, hiking, cooking, and gastro-tourism.


Nice Tedesco
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