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Join The Council Of Churches of Greater Bridgeport in our mission to advocate for justice and equity in our communities. Together, we can work towards policy changes that will create positive and lasting impacts for all. Be part of the movement for change.

Why do we engage in advocacy?

The Council of Churches is dedicated to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society.  We advocate for structural and enduring changes that will improve the lives of those who are systematically and institutionally disadvantaged. 


By promoting awareness of critical issues and mobilizing our common voice, we can work alongside community partners to achieve justice, provide equal opportunity, and restore human dignity. 


For 75 years, we have provided critical social services to those in need.  We can care for people without advocacy, but not nearly as effectively.  Only by engaging with others – educating our neighbors and working with our leaders – can we change unfair systems that allow injustice to continue and have an impact for generations to come.

Our Issues

The Council of Churches is currently engaged in advocacy efforts regarding the following issues. 

Judge's Gavel on Books

Criminal Justice Reform

Online Class

Education  Reform

Protester Shouting
Protest Sign

Why do we advocate for change?

The Council of Churches and our member congregations have prioritized the issues listed below for our ongoing advocacy efforts.   Policy changes in these areas will have an immediate, positive effect on our communities and the neighbors we serve.

A Better Tomorrow

Review the bills we've passed.

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