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About Youth Services

My name is Rachel Cunningham, the Director of Youth Services and the Janus Center. I am excited to be a part of the team. Since I began my position as Youth Service Director in October 2015, we have been strengthening our services, improving our outreach, and reaching more of the youth and families who need our services. The transition has brought a new energy and zeal to the Janus Center. I work with two dynamic case managers, Veronica Cruz and Stephanie Milfort. They provide counseling and support through our 24 hour hotline, the Safe Place network, and work directly in eight public schools in Bridgeport and Stratford. Their focus is building relationships with youth, teachers, and administration for early identification of young people who need help. Together we are continually looking for ways to reach as many youth as we can in the Greater Bridgeport area, to ensure they have the support they need when life gets tough.

Rachel Cunningham, Director of Youth Services

Rachell Cunningham

Helping Youth in Crisis

The Janus Center for Youth in Crisis

The Janus Center primarily serves Greater Bridgeport youth between the ages of 11-17 who are in crisis, homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and are not under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF.)

Crisis Hot Line

FOR HELP, CALL 203-374-9473. Our hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When you need someone to talk to, when you are at the end of your rope, we are there, with compassion, experience, and resources.

Keeping Kids Safe

Safe Place

When teens find themselves in crisis or need a place to stay, they should know how and where to get help. Our nation’s young people deserve safety and shelter and many youth feel they don’t have either. Thanks to Safe Place, immediate help is never too far away.

Safe Place provides access to immediate help and supportive resources for youth in need. As a community initiative, the program designates schools, fire stations, libraries, and other youth-friendly organizations as Safe Place locations, which display the yellow and black sign. In the greater Bridgeport area, when a youth asks for help at any of our Safe Place locations, they are immediately referred to The Council of Churches, and get the help they need.

Mobile Crisis Service

Our mobile crisis service meets our clients where they are. When you need that personal, immediate, face-to-face contact, we come to you.

Reunifying Families

Case Management

Our Case Management professionals work with families of troubled youths to help them identify key issues, and get the support and resources they need to keep the family together.

Host Home Care

A Host Home is a household that voluntarily opens heart and home to a youth between the ages of 11 and17 years who is in need of temporary shelter, board and care. When a youth cannot return home and is not under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), The Janus Center for Youth in Crisis provides short-term Host Home care.

Providing Brief Counseling

Our Case Management professionals are available for brief personal and family counseling in relaxed and informal settings.

Summer Enrichment

We offer a five to six week program tailored to engage at-risk city youth, providing them with a mixture of fun, educational and skill-building activities. Our curriculum brings up to 12 at-risk city youth ages 14 to 17 together three days a week (9am – 1pm) for exciting workshops, weekly field trips, and community service. Community service hours certificates are provided, as are transportation and lunch.

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